Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm Back

I'm back.

It is a beautiful Sunday at the Hollywood Farmers' Market. There is so much to be excited about in the markets right now. I'll be here most Sundays for the near future to answer questions about food preservation.

And gardening - I am now a Master Gardener intern as well as a Master Food Preserver. So, as I resume this blog and my newsletter, you can expect to see a little bit more information about growing your own, or about the plants themselves.

For example, I just finished eating a beautiful fig, which are returning to the market after a brief absence from the Spring season. Figs have two seasons each year, the first season on last year's growth and the second season on the new growth branches. Something you find out when learning to prune fig trees.

As for preserving figs ... I haven't done any yet this year, but a nice thick fig spread and some fig cheese are something I'm planning on.

Looking forward to blogging again! Thanks!


  1. Welcome back Ernest - had me a little worried there, thrilled to see you back and congrats on the Master Gardiner (something I am not even close to).



  2. Glad you are back Ernest! Missed you.

  3. Welcome home! We missed you, but we're looking forward to your spreading around all that knowledge you acquired as a Master Gardener!