Wednesday, August 18, 2010

War Era Food Posters Exhibit

Okay, so having been out of touch with blogosphere for a few months, I'm probably the last one to know about this, but I still think it is pretty darn cool. Apparently, the US Department of Agriculture's National Agriculture Library has an exhibit, When Beans Were Bullets, of war era food and agriculture posters. Many of the posters feature ideas that are very topical today, stuff I didn't realize was part of the culture back then.

Early Michael Pollan perhaps?

We all have heard of victory gardens, but what about the "School Garden Army"? Maybe we should bring that back.

And, of course, a nice selection of canning posters:

Be sure to check out the whole online exhibit, When Beans Were Bullets, or the Smithsonian Magazine's online gallery of highlights: American Food Posters from World War I and II.

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  1. love the E- i use some of these images when i post classes-i love them!
    may i will get my act together and do a post on a new version of these that we just got in @ the store!