Sunday, October 17, 2010

Proposed LAUSD Menu for 2011-2012

I've been talking about the new proposed 2011-2012 menu for the LAUSD and how it is a significant step forward from previous years, but unless you've been to the meetings, you haven't seen it. So, I'm posting my version of the document (since LAUSD hasn't provided an electronic copy yet). [The original wasn't much better formatted.]

Obviously, this is merely a rough first draft so we need to focus on fixing some of its deficiencies but keep the advances.

The proposed 2011-2012 menu: Here [PDF]

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  1. What a huge improvement! I usually let my daughter (2nd grade) get hot lunch only once a month, and I may have to stop altogether because she gets such awful tummy trouble after eating all of that fat, salt, and processed white flour junk. She usually has loose stools on the hot lunch days, but last week she actually vomitted after eating her burrito (she wasn't ill otherwise, and she felt great after it happened). Just today she was asking why she didn't have a salad bar at her school. Keep up the good work!